If you Don’t Show It .. They Won’t Know It!

Show It and Buyers Will Know It!

NOW is the Time to get your home ready to sell early this year. Common belief is that warm weather brings out the buyers, which is true. Buyers do purchase in early spring — spring starts as early as February,  that is when most buyers start their search. The average buyer will look at 50 to 100 homes in todays market.  If your home sparkles and shines; shows no deferred maintenance buyers will pay more,

Many things impact the number of days your home stays on the market including location and price. Condition is the number one thing that will impact the number of days your home stays on the market and ultimately the final selling price. Buyers are looking for the best home in their price range within the location they have usually already determined.

If you have stayed out of the housing market, chances are you are anxious to get in. Moral of the story is the early bird gets the house sold!

Kangaroo Conservation Center -Dahlonega

The Kangaroo Conservation Center is dedicated to the conservation of wild species of Kangaroo’s and is only a quick drive up 400 is a great day to spend those warm spring days ahead.

This particular day my friends and I decided to take a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon with the Roos and the Joeys. As you can see these creatures are quite large. This kangaroo couple have a few things to work out before they kiss and make up…..

Entertaining day trip for the family!

Taste of Atlanta

There is not shortage of Fall Festivals in Atlanta. If you want to skip the crafts and are looking for a something just a little different. Atlanta’s Premier Food and Wine Festival.

Atlanta’s best chefs prepare their most popular dish’s and for just a few dollars you get a pocket full of tickets to purchase your progressive dinner! Music provided under the shadow of the Biltmore Hotel.


Plan your October around the 2011 Taste Event.